This is the website of landscape artist and art education consultant, Dr. Wayne Jefferson.
To learn more about the artist and to visit the virtual gallery of his colourful, expressive landscape paintings of the Hampshire and Dorest countryside and villages, use the navigation menus above.

“Moving away from traditional painterly translations of the landscape and into a personal interpretation of place which seeks to express the sensation and personality of the landscape. They are individual studies of particular locations that portray a unique point of view filtered by my emotional response to the surroundings.”

For information about the art and creative education consultancy and the programme of ITT and CPD lectures and art workshops available, please click on the “lecturing services” link.

“Art offers pedagogic processes that stimulate, motivate and challenge learners. They have a very positive impact on levels of achievement and provide a cross-curricular vehicle for teaching and learning.”

Specialist educational services include:
  • History of Art – artists and art movements
  • Art and creativity in the primary curriculum
  • Art workshops for teacher training and C.P.D inset in schools
  • Lectures in research methods in education and the “Reflective Practitioner”